Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mydumper 0.2.3 released!

Today marks the release of mydumper 0.2.3.  Mydumper is a multi-threaded high-performance data dumper (and loader) for MySQL and Drizzle written in C. This is a minor bugfix release whilst I work on the upcoming 0.5 version. The end goal here will be that there is always a 'stable' and 'development' version. 0.2 will be the first stable version and will only have bug fixes. 0.5 will be the first 'development' version where the next planned set of new features will hit.

So, the changes since 0.2.2 are:

  • Drizzle support now fully works again

  • Fixes so mydumper compiles in FreeBSD (thanks to Kirill A. Korinskiy)

If you wish to try this version the source can be downloaded here.


    1. It sounds like a great tool and I will be taking it for a spin. Reading the documentation I did not find if mydumper will actually use multiple threads for exporting / importing one table. Is it required to use chunks in order to benefit from multiple threads for one table. More info on this would help. Thanks.

    2. Hi dabest1,

      mydumper and myloader send tables/chunks of tables to a job pool for the threads to execute. So with a single table and no chunking there will be only one thread used.

      As for the documentation, yes, I still need to add more flesh to it. This will be done soon, I'm concentrating on trying to get the initial 0.5 version ready first.

    3. [...] to run other servers such as MySQL and allow it to serve as the basis of test suites for tools like mydumper and xtrabackup – I’ve already been discussing things with Stewart and Andrew about this [...]

    4. Hi LinuxJedi,

      last friday i tried Mydumper 0.2.3. mydumper is great and its speed is nearly the same as xtrabackup. But myloader made me cry. :( when running myloader on our test server, after around 5min the OOM(out of memory) would happen. I tried twice and made sure that was not casual.
      OS: CentOS 5.5 64bit
      MySQL: 5.1.53
      Mydumper: 0.2.3 (stable)
      Size of dump sql files: 25GB
      Command line: myloader --user root --password zhang --database cntv_xwb --threads 4 --overwrite-tables --queries-per-transaction 10000 --directory /data/mydumper
      Hint: There are two huge tables of our database,which has about at lease 10 GB of each size.

    5. Hi Zhang,

      Interesting. Is it possible for you to file a bug. Would be even better if you could get some kind of backtrace from the OOM kill so I can figure out what is allocating so much memory.

      Many thanks for your feedback.

    6. Hi LinuxJedi,

      I already sent an email with the attachment about the OOM info to your email box( andrew@linuxjedi.co.uk ). I am not sure that it is useful for you.