Saturday, 19 January 2013

Introducing Drizzle Tools

As part of the Libdrizzle Redux project I created an example tool which was bundled with it which will connect to a MySQL server as a slave and download the binary logs to local files.  This was developed as a quick example of what can be done with the new binlog API.

Two things quickly became apparent:
  1. We shouldn't really be distributing applications in a library
  2. I am going to be developing more useful tools around libdrizzle and they certainly shouldn't be in the same package
  3. BSD is a fantastic license for a library, but I personally prefer GPLv2 for applications
With this in mind I have pulled the drizzle_binlogs utility from Libdrizzle trunk (and therefore won't be in the 5.1.3 release) and put it in its own repository.  It has been licensed appropriately (GPLv2) and I am already beginning to develop more tools to go with it.

The are no source tarballs and PDFs of the docs for Drizzle Tools yet, but you can get the bzr tree to play with.  The Launchpad page is here.  It requires Libdrizzle 5.1.2 to build against.

Some really cool stuff coming to that tree soon which I will announce when ready :)


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