Saturday, 5 January 2013

Libdrizzle 5.1.1 released!

A new version of the BSD licensed, MySQL compatible C client library, called Libdrizzle (5.1.1 codename Carbrooke) has been released today.

Since the last release (less than 2 weeks ago) the diff is 7725 lines long, 224KB in size.  So we have been really busy :)

There have been a few API changes in this version, especially around the prepared statement API.  We have made this API much simpler to use.  So applications will very likely need slight modifications and recompiling.

Major changes in this version:
  • Windows support (using MinGW) - Big thanks to Brian Aker, he worked very hard on this
  • More cleanups and improvements to the general API
  • Faster, more stable non-blocking connection handling - Something else Brian has been working hard on
  • Almost the entire prepared statement user API has been re-written.  It now uses get/set functions for the statement data.  It can also use column names instead of IDs to get the data
  • Binary log functions now support MySQL 5.6's checksums (and is aware of the new event types)
  • The glib2 dependency which was used for the drizzle_binlogs example utility has been removed
  • Every branch merge to trunk for this release was tested on Jenkins!
  • Many other bug fixes
You can download the source and documentation on the Launchpad downloads page.  We are aiming to have binary releases soon (although this may be around version 5.1.2).

We are still working on some awesome improvements and I intend to blog some examples soon.  Feel free to give at try, file a bug, ask a question and help us make this an even more awesome product :)

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