Saturday, 9 February 2013

Libdrizzle 5.1.3 released

A couple of days ago we released Libdrizzle 5.1.3.  With this release of the C connector for MySQL servers we are freezing the 5.1 API and declaring it stable.  This is also one of our biggest releases after incorporating code from a Seattle developer day.  The diff since 5.1.2 is over 6000 lines long and around 180KBytes, incorporating many bug fixes and improvements.

The most notable changes in this release are:
  • the drizzle_binlogs tool has been removed, it is now in the Drizzle Tools tree which will have its first release soon.
  • the connection API has been refactored, options processing has been re-written and the connection API has been simplified in general
  • drizzle_escape_string has been made safer
  • drizzle_hex_string and drizzle_mysql_password_hash has been removed
  • internal state system refactored to be safer
  • binlog API changed to use a callback based API
  • general API cleanups
To download the source and documentation of the latest release simply go to the download page on Launchpad.

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